Welcome to Antares Acoplamentos

A Antares is one of the leading coupling manufacturers in Brazil. It is the pioneer in manufacturing flexible couplings in Brazil and now also offer the same quality on other models, such and gear, elastic, and blade couplings.

The more demanding industrial customers in Brazil choose Antares couplings. The company delivers its quality to a diversity of industries, such as the sugarcane, machines and equipment manufacturing, mining, steel mills, and pump and paper, confirming the quality and respect to the most solid company principles: trustworthy relations and mutual gains build real alliances.


Quality Policy

"Antares is committed to providing power transmission components and services with excellence, promoting continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, with a focus on meeting the requirements and satisfying the human zone."


Antares is constantly seeking to improve the quality of its products.
With the support of researchers from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), and with the specialization of engineering in Aachen, Germany, Antares obtains ever-increasing advances in the performance, safety, and reliability of its products.

Research and development are also essential to offer new solutions to users, which are increasingly more suited to their needs.


Since 2004, all Antares processes have been certified by the ISO 9001 standard. It is the guarantee of a high standard of both management and customer service quality.