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Antares is a leading manufacturer of couplings in Brazil. Pioneer in the manufacturing of Flexible Couplings in the country, Antares has diversified its line and now offers the same quality in models of gears, Wrap, Elastic and Blades. The most demanding sectors of Brazilian industry prefer the Antares brand, including sugar and alcohol, machinery and equipment, mining, steel, cellulose and paper and oil.

The quality of manufacturing processes and concern for the technological development are essencial to bringing to the market products with the reliability and the durability that customers expect.

Throughout the history of the company, Antares has always worked also respecting the relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and distributors. This is one of the most solid business principles of Antares: reputable relationships and mutual gains. Exactly why, in each of these universes - distributors, employees, customers and suppliers - alliances were initiated with the company and have remained for about 15 years!

Social Enviromental Enviromental Responsibility

We, at Antares, are proud to have in our history the respect for human relationships, promoting the development of people, and total commitment to the environment.

Nowadays sustainability takes the headlines. The world has woken up to the need for a developmental approach along with environmental preservation and quality of life, and society begins to demand this behavior from companies.

All activities of Antares include:

- Development of various socioeconomic partners: Staff, Distributors, Suppliers, Customers, Community.
- Respect and preservation of natural resources and the environment.
- For nearly a decade, Antares has a program of water reuse in industrial process, emission control waste and zero pollution.
- Avoid waste and improve the maximum optimization of all resources.

Our Certifications


Since 2004, all of Antares processes are certified by ISO 9001:2008. This ensures a high standard of quality both in management and customer service.

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Quality Proven

Antares is constantly seeking to improve the quality of its products.
With accompaniment of researchers from Unicamp, and engineering with specialization in Aachen, Germany, Antares gets ever increasing advances in performance, security and reliability of its products. 
Research and development are key also to offer new solutions to users, increasingly designed to their needs.